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Finding Time for a Social Life

30 Oct 14
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Ask Em

Q: Emily, I feel disconnected from my friends, family, and my social life because I’m so busy all the time! How can I fix this?

Finding time to have a social life is something you really have to work hard at. You aren’t in high school anymore where you had an amazing, fun social life. You’re an adult now, meaning you have so many more responsibilities than when you were young. Recognize this and move forward.

Use my de-stressing tips from my last column, but this time make sure to bring your friends along with you! Take them hiking with you or invite them over to your place for movie nights on your day off from work or after school. Get together and form a study group with people from your class and make new friends! Use every chance you have to send a quick text to a friend and together for coffee! FaceTime or Skype friends who are far away.

social life 2It is very important to make an effort to be close to your friends. You need friends to keep you laughing and stress free. Say goodbye to those friends who cause drama and stress. They are toxic. Keep a small group of easygoing friends who are simply just a lot of fun to be around. This will ensure your happiness.

Keeping in touch with your family is something I cannot stress enough. Your family needs to hear from you and be kept in the loop! Now, this does not mean calling them once a month. Call your parents. Regularly. As in once a week or more.

They want to know how you are doing and how your life is changing. Plus, hearing reports of how things are back home are simply comforting. Just the sound of your parents voice will be a de-stressor. Remember, they are adjusting to your new life too. Keep them updated! Tell them you love them!

In this day and age with cell phones that are practically permanently attached to us, there really is no excuse to not find time to keep in touch with friends and your family. A quick text takes no more than a minute, so let someone know you are thinking of them and that you miss them.

Emily White is a Junior at Colorado Mesa University majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Business.

Keeping Stress Levels In Check

21 Oct 14
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Ask Em

Q: Emily, I’ve been extremely stressed during this semester. What should I do to keep my stress levels in check?

Get Outside!

There is something cleansing to the mind, body, and soul when you immerse yourself in the outdoors. Living in Colorado, we are blessed with unlimited hiking, biking, fishing, and everything in between. Take advantage of it! My favorite thing to do is pack up the car with my little sidekick puppy and drive up into the mountains and go on a long hike.

Grand Mesa

Take this time to allow yourself to completely forget about work, school, and other stressors. Simply focus on the way the leaves sound when the breeze ripples through them. Feel the warm sunshine or the cold, crisp fall air on your face. Being in nature is almost intoxicating and it is the best escape.

Grand Mesa

Remember, when you sweat and raise your heart rate, you lower your stress levels! So don’t be afraid to really get yourself moving. Amp up your hiking speed or choose trails that are more advanced. Now that’s not to say to push yourself to the limit and completely exert yourself, but really get moving. If you are a beginning hiker (or biker or whatever you may be doing) remember not to push yourself too hard. You want to work up a good sweat and get those endorphins kicking in, but you don’t want to get a head rush and pass out. With anything you do, find your limits and but don’t push them too hard.

Grand Mesa

My favorite hiking destination is the Grand Mesa, but especially Old Mesa Creek, which actually used to be the old ski resort! Another favorite of mine is up in Dominguez Canyon at the Bridgeport trail head. You will find an amazing waterfall during your hike that you can stand under (granted that it is summertime).

For more places to visit outside as well as inside, check out the Grand Junction Visitor’s Center website HERE.

If you have a question you’d like me to answer, send me an email at: askem@kmsa913.com

Emily White is a Junior at Colorado Mesa University majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Business. Be sure to check out her weekly column HERE.
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