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A Shattered Dream

07 Sep 14
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Put away that piggy bank Mr. Moore! Former NHL hockey player Steve Moore settled a lawsuit with former Vancouver Canuck Todd Bertuzzi for an undisclosed amount ranging in the millions. For those of you who are not familiar with the situation, Steve Moore is a former NHL player who spent his career with the Colorado Avalanche. In March of 2004, The Avalanche squared off against their division rivals, the Vancouver Canucks. Vancouver was upset at Moore because of a punishing hit he gifted to the NHL leading scorer and Canuck captain, Marcus Naslund. This hit was deemed legal by the NHL and caused a stir amongst the Canuck bench.

Midway through the 3rd period of play, Bertuzzi skated down the ice, squared Moore up, and threw a right hook at the side of Moore’s head. A disgusting play to say the least. Bertuzzi’s only intention was to ensure injury upon Moore and he succeeded. The contact knocked Moore out cold. Bertuzzi then proceeded to drive Moore’s head into the ice as a skirmish ensued on top of them. Moore sustained a concussion and a fractured neck. Moore would never return to play another NHL game. He was just a rookie.

The result of such a careless action? A shattered dream of a young Steve Moore. Of course Bertuzzi showed sympathy in his press conference weeks following the all purposeful “incident” and of course he shed a tear or two for the camera, but was he ever truly sorry? This lawsuit closed one DECADE after the incident. That tells me that Bertuzzi’s priorities were directed more at his own personal endeavors than the dream he took away 10 years prior. Bertuzzi had the ability to play in the NHL again while Steve Moore did not. That sounds a bit unfair to me. Moore fulfilled his childhood dream by making it to the NHL and it all came to an end because of a negligent decision made on the ice. A twenty game suspension was handed to Bertuzzi, or as what I like to call it, a mere slap on the wrist.

No amount of money can compensate for a lost childhood dream nor the pain and agony dealt with every day. When Moore was asked about the large sought after amount of money he was suing for, he stated, “I think any player put in that situation would do the same thing. I can’t recover anything else. I can’t recover my career, the experience of living out my dream from the time I was 2½ years old of playing in the NHL.”

This is the absolute truth! Cheers to you, Mr. Moore!

Zach Rosenberg, Writer, KMSA
Brenden Fatchett, Editor, KMSA

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