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The Ghost Inside released their latest album, Dear Youth, on November 17, 2014.

If you’ve been a long time fan of The Ghost Inside, then you will love this album as much as their other releases. Teaming up again with Jeremy Mckinnon of A Day to Remember and Andrew Wade—front man Jonathan Vigil dug deep to let out some serious emotions on this album.

If you don’t know who The Ghost Inside is, they are a hardcore band based from Los Angeles, California; they are one of the best hardcore bands in the scene. They never fail to disappoint on singles and albums. Hardcore music is like a pineapple; it’s hard on the outside, yet sweet on the inside.

“Mercy” is one of the best songs off this album, starting off with chiming bells, almost making you feel like you could be listening to Metallica. Then Vigil hits it with the opening, “For whom the bell tolls!” and here come the intricate guitar riffs. This song has a catchy chorus, and will make you channel your inner hardcore kid and make you start to two-step.

If you want a faster, more angry and dirty song, then go with “Wide Eyed.” If you know who letlive is, then you will notice that Jason Butler collaborates with them on this song. This is your typical “hit everyone in the crowd as much as you can” song.

This album is full of emotions, and you will recognize it when you listen carefully to the lyrics. Even if you’re new to the hardcore screaming scene, you will have a hard time trying to figure out what in the world he is saying, but read the lyrics, listen to the album over and over, and you will realize what makes this band as great as they are.

Jess Kelly, Writer, KMSA

A CMU Style rendition of Adam Sandler’s Thanksgiving Song filmed and edited by Kayla Niksic and Emily White.

A look into how CMU Students will be celebrating Halloween!

social life

Ask Em

Q: Emily, I feel disconnected from my friends, family, and my social life because I’m so busy all the time! How can I fix this?

Finding time to have a social life is something you really have to work hard at. You aren’t in high school anymore where you had an amazing, fun social life. You’re an adult now, meaning you have so many more responsibilities than when you were young. Recognize this and move forward.

Use my de-stressing tips from my last column, but this time make sure to bring your friends along with you! Take them hiking with you or invite them over to your place for movie nights on your day off from work or after school. Get together and form a study group with people from your class and make new friends! Use every chance you have to send a quick text to a friend and together for coffee! FaceTime or Skype friends who are far away.

social life 2It is very important to make an effort to be close to your friends. You need friends to keep you laughing and stress free. Say goodbye to those friends who cause drama and stress. They are toxic. Keep a small group of easygoing friends who are simply just a lot of fun to be around. This will ensure your happiness.

Keeping in touch with your family is something I cannot stress enough. Your family needs to hear from you and be kept in the loop! Now, this does not mean calling them once a month. Call your parents. Regularly. As in once a week or more.

They want to know how you are doing and how your life is changing. Plus, hearing reports of how things are back home are simply comforting. Just the sound of your parents voice will be a de-stressor. Remember, they are adjusting to your new life too. Keep them updated! Tell them you love them!

In this day and age with cell phones that are practically permanently attached to us, there really is no excuse to not find time to keep in touch with friends and your family. A quick text takes no more than a minute, so let someone know you are thinking of them and that you miss them.

Emily White is a Junior at Colorado Mesa University majoring in Mass Communication with a minor in Business.


Homecoming week’s amazing bonfire, burning rival Fort Lewis’ Skyhawk!


The Men’s Soccer team beat Fort Lewis College 1-0 and followed the victory up with a 3-0 win over Adams State University, clinching the RMAC title!


CMU’s Volleyball team has continued to crush opponents, beating both Western State Colorado University and Colorado State University – Pueblo in three straight sets.


CMU hosted its first co-ed cross country meet, and the men dominated placing in first!


The women also crushed the podium, taking first place!


CMU’s Cheer team pumping up the crowd at the football game!


The Football team battled hard but ultimately lost to Fort Lewis 20-28.


The Women’s Soccer team tied Western State Colorado University 0-0 and lost 1-2 against New Mexico Highlands University.


The Women’s Rugby team didn’t disappoint with a 57-0 blowout win over University of Colorado Colorado Springs!

Marching Band

The CMU Marching Band had a spectacular performance at the football game!


The crowds at all the sporting events this weekend were incredible, showing off the school’s amazing spirit!

Kayla Niksic, Photographer, KMSA
Brenden Fatchett, Photographer, KMSA
Sierra Segrest, Photographer, KMSA